Made by Matchbox:

Opel Diplomat                   Rover 3500                             Metropolita Taxi              Model A Ford

Dodge Cattle Truck, BMW 323i Convertible with caravan, Ford Escort with trailer+boat, 
found in France, were hanging
± 10 years in a shop.

King size, Speed Kings & Super Kings:            

Mercury Cougar                          Mercury Commuter                       Bertone Runabout

Mercedes C 111

Sand Cat

Camping Cruiser

Daf Building Transporter

Ford Money Box                                        PEUGEOT 305                                 Audi Quattro  

Ford Mustang

Made by :

1:65                                   1:57

Aston Martin DB 6                        Renault 5 Turbo    


Opel Manta 400                                                 


Renault 11 GTL                           Austin Metro 1.3 HLS              Honda Prelude                            Rover 3500 

Ford Sierra 2.3 Ghia                      Rolls Royce Corniche                              Renault 5 TS                  Ford Escort 

Lotus Esprit 007                     Lotus Elite


Talbot Matra Rancho with adjustable back seat.

Opel Senator



Triumph Acclaim "Driving school" from ±1981, controled by the mirrors or the steering wheel on top.

MG Maestro 1600 with working lights.



Police "Vigilant" Range Rover

Morris Marina 1.8 Coupé

Chevrolet Corvair  (1:47)        Ghia L 6.4                          Fozzie                        Police

Ford Truck