Hello there,

I'm Diego, 31 years old and I collect all sorts of modelcars. And as you can see I'm a real PEUGEOT fan too.
 I collect car-badges too, to get these I like to visit scrapyards.
See the pictures down this page, made on a Spanisch scrapyard.


Since September the 13th 2013 I own this PEUGEOT 205 XS Roland Garros 1.4IU9 (1992)


Since March the 26th 2013 I own this PEUGEOT 205 1.4 XR Lacoste (1985)


Since Februari the 16th 2013 I own this PEUGEOT 107 1.0 12V XS (2007)



Since October the 12th I own this Motoconfort Mobyx X7V (1973)


Since july the 28th 2012 I own this PEUGEOT 205 1.4 Generation (1997)


Since March the 6th 2010 I own this PEUGEOT 205 1.3 GR (1984)

Since November the 10th 2009 I own this  PEUGEOT 305 1.6 Automatic (1986)


Since October the 23rd 2007 I own this PEUGEOT 505 2.0 GR Automatic (1988)


Since Februari the 5th 2008 I own this  PEUGEOT 406 2.0 16v SVE Automatic (1998)

 Because I like all kinds of classic cars I also have this Renault 4 L 1.0 from 1988.........

As it looked when I just bought it


.....and also this Mitsubishi Colt 1200 GL Automatic from 1983


I replaced the steel wheels for Mitsubishi alloys and the sports-steering wheel was a gift from someone

My mothers PEUGEOT 206 1.4 Gentry (1999)

My parents  PEUGEOT 405 1.6 GLX (1993)

Deze velgen zitten er onder...



And this is my mum's 1968 PEUGEOT 102.

  Even the manual was kept with it.

After the restoration.

My mum bought this PEUGEOT in France.

I'm also collecting MICHELIN things but that's very hard to find.
And I collect car-badges. 
Here some examples I already have.

The scrapyard at Pont de Molins, between the Spanish border and Figueras.

Ford Taunus 17 M Super

CitroŽn Visa Dťcouvrable

Some Seats 600 and a CitroŽn Dyane                                   Porsche 924

I bought this Seat 600 front badge, the spare lamps were in it as well.

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